Your Home is Your Canvas – Paint it With Style

Classic white is no longer as popular as it used to be.

Recent trends in home painting show that colorful combinations or even vintage looking nuances are widely preferred. Although many people believe that experimenting with colors will make your rooms look less spacious, that does not necessarily have to happen. In fact, it is not the colors but the shape of the colorful decorations that determine if a certain room will look small or big. You don’t believe us? Ask your local painter and he will confirm our words!

Round decorations add depth to walls, so even if they are painted with dark colored paint, they will still not make the space you live in look smaller. For those of you who are brave enough and like to experiment Jas Home Restorations recommends dark blue, graffiti gray, or even black for the living room area. You should not be afraid to use the dark palette to paint 2 or 3 of the walls in your common area. That accent will make the place look classy and will add a splash of antique here and there. Of course, if your furniture is very colorful and modern, the idea will not be suitable.

Open dining room-kitchen spaces need to be cozy and provoke your appetite for both cooking and eating. This is why warm tropical colors applied on your walls by a well-known painter, combined with white molding around your ceiling will look just perfect. No matter whether painted in melon, peach, yellow, or orange nuances, your walls will liven up the atmosphere.

It’s good to know that low or zero VOC paints and finishes are a good environmentally friendly decision if you intend to involve your kids in the painting project you have started. If you, however, prefer to trust your remodeling or renovation project to a professional painter in San Antonio, TX, you better contact one quickly and share your ideas before you start repainting your property.