Why Paint the Exterior or Interior of Your Home

Calling in Painting Contractors Can Save You Time

Is calling painting contractors a good decision? The answer is YES. Our painting contractors are highly proficient in what they do.


Renovated bathroomBathrooms are often taken for granted, and overlooked by most householders. Why not make your bathroom a place to go for peace and tranquility. After a long hard day at work, enjoy the serenity of a much needed soak in the tub. Colors for bathrooms are very important, as certain ones are known to induce relaxation. We are painting contractors who can help you choose the right one for you. We also explain that, due to the high content of moisture in the air you have to use a specialized paint, to stop any peeling that may occur, or mold and mildew problems arising.


Kitchen painter by a professionalsKitchens are a place where families get together and share their day. This is the pivotal room in the whole house, and we, at Jas Home Restorations, based in San Antonio, TX, also consider it the most important. Whether you are a housewife, or a hard working business woman, having a beautifully painted kitchen to come home to, or cook in, is an enjoyable experience. Colors are important, depending on the cabinetry you have, and your appliances are also a factor when choosing a paint color. Paint in kitchens needs to be waterproof, making it easier to keep clean, should unforeseen accidents or splashes happen.


Bedroom painting projectBedrooms should be a place of relaxation. So the colors you choose are crucial. Bold and beautiful, is not the best way to go. The human mind relates better to fresh but muted colors making you relaxed and ready for sleep. We find that pastel colors are very popular, when choosing your paint color.

To prepare any room for painting is not just slapping on a paint brush. The walls should be free of all dust and other irregularities, to ensure an even and smooth all over finish. All furniture should be covered, just in case of any paint drops or splashes. Having the right tools is also very important.

Just give us a call and we will ensure your house will have a new lease of life.

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