What Is Mineral Paint?

When Will a House Painter Use Mineral Paint?


Mineral paintMineral paint consists of mineral andwater-glass pigmentation. It creates a bond with surfaces, thus forming a water resistant and vapour permeable layer. This type of paint offers a coating against the likes of acid rain, pollution and even mold. It is said to be extremely environmentally friendly due to the fact that it only has natural ingredients and a low amount of volatile organic carbons. It is made in two forms, these can be used on the interior and exterior of a building.

Typically, this paint is made fromĀ  soluble glass, like potassium or sodium silicate. These are transparent, colorless and glass like in appearance. They are also known as water glass.

The mineral pigments are inorganic compounds, which are natural compounds that are resistant to any alkaline materials or substances. The mineral pigments have no organic compounds that are normally found in traditional paint.

When surfaces are treated with this paint, any underlying crevices will contact the paint. As the paint sinks into the surface and reacts with it, a covalent bond is created. This is extremely strong, almost like a seal, which allows the surface to be almost impermeable to moisture.

This coating protects a surface against damage while keeping the integrity of the paint. The color will not fade because it is UV resistant. Plus, this paint doesn’t chip, flake, or peel when in contact with rain or pollution. So a surface will be protected against water, algae, plus carbonation.

Interior mineral paint comes in various colors. It offers a photo catalytic ingredient which gives this paint a type of self cleaning property and remains bright for several years. There are numerous kinds of stains and glazes that are available as well. This paint can be used by a professional painter on the likes of plaster, stone, cement. But if used on plaster, a lime coating will be required first.

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