Want to Try Your Hand at Some DIY Painting?

What Tools Does a Professional Painter Use?

Painting your house will be much easier if you are prepared well in advance. However, before you begin planning any DIY house painting, you need to obtain some important tools in order to obtain the best results. We, at Jas Home Restorations in San Antonio, TX, have compiled a list below of some of the more important tools and supplies any homeowner needs to complete a professional looking DIY painting job.
Professional painters tools

Purchase paint brushes.

There are numerous different kinds of paint brushes which a professional painter will use in order to get the best possible results. Some of the more common ones are made from synthetic bristles, softening, and dusting or stencil brushes. Each one comes with its own unique purpose and provides different effects. A mixture of quality brushes from the local hardware or paint shop will help homeowners to create the look they desire for their home.

Purchase brush cleaner.

Paint brush cleaners will protect your brushes from any damage made by dried paint which was left on. You can buy this from any hardware or paint store.

Purchase drop cloths.

Drop cloths acts as a protection for your furniture and flooring from damage which is caused by any drips or splashed paint. They are created out of canvas, which will absorb paint spills and splatter. You will be able to store them away with your other supplies.

Purchase masking tape, also known as painter’s tape.

This low-tack tape will protect your trim from getting painted on. It can also be used to create painted edges and lines. You will find this item in most hardware or paint stores.

Purchase paint rollers.

Every paint store will have various rollers to help you cover bigger areas in short times. Each kind comes with its own use and produces slightly different affects.

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