Looking for Something Different for Your House?

What Are the Different Techniques a House & Interior Painter May Employ?

Even though the most commonly used method for painting an interior is using one basic color which is applied with either a roller or a brush, there are several other types of methods too. Faux finishes are painting techniques which will mimic the look of natural materials like marble or stone. Other kinds range from  striping, sponging, murals, decorative and stenciling.

Pianting types

Murals are scenes which are  painted, and can take up an entire wall within a room. With the case of interior painting techniques within a children’s room, the artwork could run to every wall. Children’s murals usually feature shapes in bright colors. Mural painting performed in a home is normally much more sophisticated and only done on one main wall. A mural house & interior painter could be hired to work in a home, in order to complete a pictorial; natural murals are the most common, as the painters can be artists that are willing to customize their work for a homeowner.

Decorative painting can range from  the likes of swirls of paint, which is applied with brushes in order to create ocean waves, flowers, and several other motifs that can be used on murals or borders. Decorative painting is not only done on walls but also on pictures and kitchen backsplashes. These painting techniques can be applied straight onto tiles on backsplashes behind stoves too. Stencilling is also a kind of decorative painting, in which colors are dabbed using sponges or brushes on a cut-out shape, in order to form a pattern once the stencil is raised.

Stencilling is normally used in country-themed properties, like on borders along the top or center of a wall, or even upon stair risers. Unlike the other artistic styles of decorative painting, stencilling only needs the ability to dab color onto a cut-out shape. Striping is  similar, and it consists of filling in colors within the designated lines.

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