Questions for your painter.

Choosing the right painter for your home is not an easy task

Whether it is residential or commercial painting, inside or outside work, the proper person for the job is a must. Many homeowners decide to do the painting themselves, ending up regretting their decision. In general many painting contractors provide more than colors on your walls, they are trained and experienced in choosing the right materials, the proper color and the most beautiful design for your home.

However, not all painting contractors are as reliable or as trustworthy. For that you need to dig a bit more than searching on the Internet when looking for a painter. Ask family members, friends or co-workers who have had their house painted recently, to give you some references about the residential painters in your area. Once you’ve gathered a decent number of potential companies, move to the next step, the bid.

Every hiring process starts with a bid. You invite the painter to your home and have him inspect the area that needs to be painted. In the end, he will provide you with an estimate, or a bid. Usually a bid consists of a list of services and a price. Each painting contractor has different rules and prices. You have to pay attention to everything that is written in the offer. Taking decisions based on price alone is considered a big mistake. Stay away from the cheapest ones, they are most certainly scams.

A reliable and trusty residential painter will provide you with an honest offer. Even though it is going to be more expensive than the competition, rest assured that the quality of the services will be above reproach. Even more, a true painter works with high quality materials only and he doesn’t lower his standards by using cheaper and bad quality paint.

To make sure you’re getting the best one there is, pop these questions when you meet your potential painter:

  • How long have you been in business?

  • Do you provide residential as well as commercial painting?

  • Do I need major repairs before the painting process?

  • Which paint should I use?

  • What method are you using, spraying or rolling?

  • Are you providing pressure washing services?

  • What kind of prep work is included in the price?

  • Are you going to move my belongings out of the way before you start painting?

  • Are you a fully licensed and insured painter?

  • Do you provide interior and exterior painting as well?

  • Do you offer a warranty for the job?

Jas Home Restorations from San Antonio, TX is a shining example among all the other painting contractors. When you hire them, rest assured that all these questions will be answered and backed up with proof. For many years they have been providing interior and exterior painting services for all residential and commercial clients in San Antonio, TX. Call them now at (210) 601-5574 and get a free of charge estimate.