How to save money and do a good home painting job

Painting contractors advice on saving money from painting

First of all, there are some things you have to spend money on, and some things you can afford to cut corners on. It is only natural to want to minimize your financial losses, that’s why we are here to tell you the best way to do it.

Things worth paying for:

Painting materialsAs experienced painting contractors our best advice is to make no compromise with the quality of the paint. We even think that people should invest a bit more for better quality paints, because they are much more resistant and durable. Quality paints save you money and effort because they don’t need more than just a few coats.

Make sure you put some effort into preparing the surface before painting. No paint looks good on an uneven, dented, scruffy and scratched-up wall. If you are not doing the painting yourself, ask your painting contractors to do the surface preparation.

Last but not least, consider the safety of your family and yourself. Get proper tools and strong and reliable ladders or stacking stools. When hiring painting contractors be sure to ask them about their insurance and license. Don’t forget to cover your home and furniture with enough plastic sheets and tape.

Things you can cut painting costs from:

The fewer colors you use, the better your paint will be distributed and you will have less leftover paint to throw away. We remind you that, because a lot of people buy many colors, use just a bit of paint and the rest is left unused. This can be avoided by using fewer colors and it will save you a lot of expenses.

Another great idea for lowering the costs, is to refresh the current colors instead of changing them. This means you way only need one coat of paint.

Man painting a wall in redIf you plan on hiring painting contractors, make sure you clear the room out and cover it with plastic. That can also be done by the contractors, but they will charge you for it.

Invest in latex or acrylic paints. They are applied quicker, dry faster and are easier to clean up.

Well, that’s our advice as painting contractors. We hope you find it helpful and remember, if you need any painting assistance in San Antonio, TX, don’t hesitate to call Jas Home Restorations. We can help you with any paint job you may have for us. Call now at (210) 601-5574.