How to choose the right paint color for your home

Professional painter tips to picking appropriate colors for your home

The job of a painter is not an easy one. You need more than just a bucket of paint and a couple of brushes, or rollers. It takes skills and experience to apply, so that it doesn’t start peeling, get streaky, or become uneven.

You don’t need to do that on your own, however. You can always hire a painter, but you are also going to have to choose a color. And that is important because the color sets the mood and the atmosphere in any room. It is perceived subconsciously and has a great influence on our everyday lives.

There are three steps to follow when choosing a room color:

1. Woman choosing a paint colorTake advantage of the existing colors in the room. Keep in mind that there may be some colors in your home that you cannot change, and furniture you can’t repaint. Consider the current colors of the floor, ceiling , furniture and so on.

2. When choosing color combinations, pick the ones that go along nice and compliment each other.
3. Last step is choosing the colors. This is the hardest part. It takes taste and imagination to envision your future home after the paint job. You have to put your brains to work and choose, or ask a painter for advice.

  • Black is usually out of the question for walls, or at least no painter would ever recommend you to try it. It makes rooms smaller, tighter and scarier. It can work in combination with other colors though.
  • Blue is very relaxing. It enhances the effects of natural light and calms the nerves. Darker shades make rooms look smaller, while bright shades may look too childish. You have to go with your gut when choosing, and try to express yourself.
  • Green is also quite relaxing, but only in shades that will not clash with the rest of the room. Warmer and brighter green is universal for any room. Avoid using cold colors in darker rooms, because they will feel even colder and darker.
  • Yellow is quite bright and positive. It makes rooms look sunny and peaceful. It promotes happy feelings and it’s good for any room.
  • Red is the color of aggression, pride, royalty, power, strength and confidence. It makes rooms look spacious, but it’s not good for bedrooms and restrooms. It’s best used in combination with other bright colors.

Choosing a painter is easy, choosing a color scheme for your new home is not. If you need assistance with that, Jas Home Restorations will be happy to help. We are trained professionals with years of experience in the field, and an eye for details. We are located in San Antonio, TX. Contact us at (210) 601-5574.