Frequently asked questions

What does the process of the painting job estimation involve?

If you are looking for a residential painter to work on a single room on your property or paint an interior accent wall, then estimating the job will not be so hard. You can just call us at (210) 601-5574 and tell us what is the size of the room you need to refresh and what type of paint you prefer. It will then only take us a few minutes to make the calculation and send you the final offer.

For large-scale projects, however, you will need to arrange an on site-view, especially when you are looking for exterior commercial paint work. In this case, we recommend that you prepare a few things before you call our painters to provide you with a quote:

  • A short list of all the project details (tell us about the painting you need room by room including the exterior job you have to get done).
  • The budget for the project and your painting priorities.
  • The types of paint, colors, and finishes you are looking for.
  • In this case, depending on the size of the commercial property, the estimation process may take up to an hour.

Will you bring your own paint or I will have to provide it myself?

Jas Home Restorations works with various paint manufacturing contractors and dealers in San Antonio, TX, so unless you have any special preferences, we can provide you with our quality painting products. If you have any specific brands in mind, we can deliver them for you if we do not have them in stock. Of course, in this case, we may not be able to start working on your interior and exterior painting project immediately.

How long will I wait to book your services after the initial call? When would you be able to start working on my project?

This, in fact, depends on you and the deadlines you have. Signing a contract with a painter from our team and the process of color and paint selection should not take more than a day. So, depending on your and our team’s availability, we can begin working on the site right away. If some scaffolding or other equipment has to be brought on site or some special paint to be delivered from another location, then we can delay the job with a few more days. Our painting crews will do their best to accommodate to your deadline.

What are the tools you will use to apply the paint?

As most local painting contractors, we do not limit ourselves when it comes to the painting equipment and tools that we use. Each job is unique, so we cannot commit to use only a single painting tool. A combination of roll and brush typically used to paint walls, ceilings, and trim, while high-quality finish is required, we use a spray technology. Sprayers are also mainly used for our exterior siding painting projects.

How can you guarantee my commercial project will be completed up to my standards?

When commercial painting is required, we prepare a whole crew of painters. If you want to feel secure about the job, they will provide you with the best services, and you will pleased to find out that all of our employees are licensed, insured, and well-trained to perform high quality paint work. We only employ experienced personnel and can send you pictures of previous projects we have completed in order to prove it!