Flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi gloss or high gloss…which one to choose?

Professional tips for the amateur painter

Not many people realize that, but there are many different types of interior paint finishes. They vary from one another based on the finish’s reaction to light.

Flat and matte paint finishes don’t shine when they are dry. They absorb the light instead of reflecting it. These paint finishes are good for hiding small imperfections such as brush or roller marks. Both are good for interior walls for rooms that get less traffic, such as bedrooms. They are good for ceilings too. They are poor choices for kitchens, baths and kid’s rooms, however. They are not as easy to wash as other paint finishes.

Another very similar to matte finish, is eggshell paint finish. It has a very small amount of shine to it. It is easy to wash and is a good choice for most interior walls.

Satin is one of the glossiest paint finishes a painter can offer you. It is recommended for all rooms except the kitchen and bath. It’s not the highest gloss available, but it’s pretty smooth and has a nice velvet-like soft shine. Satin finishes are easy to apply and look good if they are not used for hiding previous imperfections. They are quite bad at covering up defects. It is a good choice for children’s rooms – it brings a lot of light in the room and is easy to wash.

Any painter can tell you that semi-gloss and high-gloss are the top paint finishes in a manner of light reflection. Semi-gloss is excellent for kitchens and baths, because it’s water resistant and stands a lot of washing. It’s not among the most popular choices for room finish, though. Semi-gloss is usually preferred for contemporary style homes because of it’s sheen modern look.

High-gloss is the wall finish with the highest light reflection qualities. It is not a popular decision for walls, but is sometimes used for painting furniture, because it’s very durable and has a classy modern look.

Choosing a paint finish is a matter of preference. Your painter can give you a better advice once he inspects your home, but generally speaking, the higher the sheen, the more durable and water-resistant the paint is. The type of finish depends mostly on the kind of room you want to paint. If you can’t make that choice, give Jas Home Restorations a call. We can help you with any painting job in San Antonio, TX and the area. Reach us at (210) 601-5574.