Thinking of changing your career?

Do you need a degree to become a house painter?

A painter, also called a decorator, paints interior or exterior houses to enhance their appearance and also to protect the walls. Being a painter is a profession where someone learns the trade whilst on the job. So, there is no set level of education or qualifications needed to become a painter. But, should someone want to start a business in this field, a license will be needed. This is a job where there is a steady stream of work although the work for exterior painters will decrease in the cold weather.

Professional pressure paintingTo become a painter, you will need to be physically fit. House painters spend many hours in different stances, for example standing, bending, and kneeling. They have to carry tools, paint tubs, heavy ladders, and not to mention climbing up and down the ladders. There may also be involved moving furniture and other fixtures in order to carry out the job efficiently.

If someone wants to become a house painter and be self employed, there are some steps to be done first. In some cases, a painter will be required to get insurance and a license to enable them to start a business. They will also have to register the business in the state they will be working in. Different areas have different requirements for starting a business. So, do some research for the region you are looking to work in and ensure you meet all the state requirements.

It is also important to start advertising to become a painter to ensure you get work as an independent contractor. A person looking to become a painter will have several occupational options. They may go into business for themselves or apply to a company for a job. Some firms could accept people with little or no experience, as most of the training will be done on the job, but, larger companies could have requirements to get a position within the company. Painters could also find employment by contacting realĀ estateĀ agencies or home contractors for business.

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